We’ve been trading 15 years now, and have 25 years combined experience.  Helping people with broken or lost car keys. We are passionate about helping people who need car key help.

Meet Us Here

Business Owner
North Hykeham

I started the company in 2004 because I wanted to be a locksmith but no-one would employ me because I didn't have any experience. So I started from scratch and have spent the last ten years learning every day about the complex systems that secure cars.

I love being a locksmith, turning up to a customer that is locked out, often upset and then picking the lock to get the car open, it's so rewarding.

In my spare time I love to play piano and guitar, am studying for a degree and am a Scout leader, which means I'm pretty busy.

Technical Manager
North Hykeham

Simon is the cheeriest, most likeable employee a boss could ever want.

The customers love him, he's always smiling, works very hard and always has a project on the go.

Whether he's rebuilding motorbikes, jet engines or tractors, he's happiest when something is in bits!

He's great with the vehicles and fearless when taking on jobs.

He loves the fact that no two days are the same and he too really enjoys solving peoples dilemmas.

We’ve had the AA contract for four years and they trust us to represent them in this specialised role.

We’re proud to support Lincolnshire Police, Fire service and County Council when called upon. Our expertise is used in supporting many of the local garages and car dealerships throughout Lincolnshire.

We get a real buzz from looking after customers to the best of our abilities and many of our customers have passed our number on to families and friends and we are developing a large family of customers. I am very proud that we have been chosen by the AA.